Wait, what? Capcom's hit franchise Monster Hunter on the Gameboy?!

Not quite, but here's an interactive GBMusic Cart of some BGM from
Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite.

Just swing your sword at the play button!

Made with GB studio playable on Browser, GB emu and android!


A-button / J Sword Attack
B-button/ K + MovementDash (if area allows)
Start-button/ Enter Key Resets player back to main music screen
SelectResets player position if stuck

This GB Music Cart contains music assets I made for
Ivannevann's  Game submission  for the competition.
You can check out his game here! 

Based on the Original tracks  owned by CAPCOM;
These songs were transcribed by ear and then recomposed GB style using MilkyTracker along with an OP-1synth as a MIDI controller.


1. A day on Pokke Farm (1min:16sec)
- Gathering essential resources at the farm will aid you greatly on your hunts.

PSP BGM on Youtube

2. Pokke Village (1min:42sec)
- With the same vibes a Pallet Town, Pokke Village really embodies
"No place like home"

PSP BGM on Youtube 

3. Gathering Hall Theme (1min)
 - The village tavern and meeting place for hunters. You can go on quests, have a meal or simply just enjoy each others company.  

PSP BGM on Youtube

4. Proof of a Hero/ Main Title Theme (1min:13sec)
- The hunter's national anthem.

PSP BGM on Youtube

GB file available for download!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsGame Boy ROM, GBJam, gbstudio, monster-hunter, Music, Pixel Art


GBMonHunMUSIC.gb 256 kB


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Great, love the record player and button selection. Music is nicely composed.

Some how this is even more nostalgic then listening to the original aha. Also the bullfango fight reminded me of a lava zone from one of the earlier games.Those things would always muck you up when you least expect :)